Sunraes Tanning Salon is owned and operated by Kelly Carney at 714 Saratoga Rd (Rt. 50) in Burnt Hills, NY.  Kelly opened Sunraes Tanning Salon on January 17th of this year, but, the process started a couple of years earlier, when Kelly was looking for a place to tan in the Burnt Hills, NY area.  Kelly noticed the choices were limited and realized that a tanning salon in Burnt Hills was a good business opportunity.

Sunraes Tanning Salon currently has 6 tanning units (4 bed units, 2 stand-up units and organic spray tanning).  The units range from level 1 to a level 5, depending on what the customer desires.  Sunraes Tanning also offers a full line of indoor tanning lotions that significantly enhance and protect the tanning process, teeth whitening and protective eyewear.

Sunraes Tanning Salon strives to offer a relaxing “spa” type experience through décor, music and the friendly service it offers.  Cleanliness, tanning education and tanning bed/lamp maintenance are Sunraes business practices that guarantee value for your tanning experience.

Kelly is educated and understands safe tanning.  Tanning, like any exposure to UV rays needs to be monitored.  Moderate exposure UV light has benefits both mentally and physically, especially in a controlled environment.

Let Sunraes Tanning Salon help give you a much needed break in your hectic week, come in and relax with us.